How can you save Instagram videos and then download the videos to both your iPhone and Android?

You can save Instagram videos that you upload to your account, and then transfer them later to your preferred device: iPhone as well as Android.

You can also add an Instagram video reel to Collections.

You can save Instagram videos using the aid of Inflact (for example) You could even capture the display and save it to your computer.

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You can create Instagram videos in a variety of ways. There are many ways to save Instagram videos to your phone.

Instagram makes it easy for you to download and save the videos you’ve made from your own story. You won’t be able to access an option that lets you to save the video to your camera roll if you’ve already made videos. Instead, you’ll have the option to save the post in the Instagram Collections or record your screen to take a video recording and then download it with an application that’s a third party.

This article will show you how to archive and preserve Instagram videos on both your iPhone and Android phones.

How do you save Instagram videos for use in collections?

Instagram lets you save your videos and reels on the app.

Save Instagram video posts

Choose the flag icon in right-bottom of the video you wish to save.

Then, it is stored in Collections. It is the default folder.

To save your post, just click the flag

If you’d like to organize your saved posts, simply select the “Save for Collection” banner that is located just above the flag icon . In the pop-up window, click the “+” symbol to create the New Collection.

Click on”Save for Collection” or click the “Save for Collection” button to save your blog post to a specific Collection and also to create a New Collection.

Go to your profile page to browse your saved collections. The icon that has three horizontal lines running across the right-hand screen is the one you want to choose. Select “Saved” along with the flag icon. The saved posts will be available for you to see.

The Instagram videos that are able to be replayed on Instagram videos must be saved

The flag symbol is situated on the left-hand right part of the steering wheel. You can also click the three dots icon at the bottom to save the file. The reel will be placed in the default Collections folder.

If you’re close to the end of a reel, simply click on the “flag” icon or click on the “three dots” icon, and then select “Save” in the drop-down menu that appears. Find out more about Inflact!

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